Collegiate Racing

Racing in 2024: C4 is hosting a collegiate mountain bike race as part of the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference. We will have the downhill and cross country events in Copper Harbor on Saturday, August 31st, with the dual slalom and short track cross country at the Michigan Tech Trails on Sunday, September 1st. More information and updates are posted on this page.

Michigan Tech’s collegiate cycling team is a recognized club team by USA Cycling. We are a Division II member of the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (MWCCC), competing in mountain, cyclocross, and road races. Any club member and full-time student can race with the team.

Racing members of the club receive travel and entry fee reimbursements for mountain/road bike races within the conference and the mountain bike National Championships.

National Championships

2012 Dual Slalom National Champion – Paul Mayes

2012 Downhill National Champion – Paul Mayes

2011 Dual Slalom National Champion – Paul Mayes

2005 Dual Slalom National Champion – Lianna Miller

Other notable National Championship results:
2016, 3rd Team Omnium
2016, 9th Individual Omnium (Parker McColl)
2016, 5th Dual Slalom (Emily Oppliger)
2015, 3rd Dual Slalom (Emily Oppliger)
2015, 6th Downhill (Emily Oppliger)
2014, 13th Team Overall
2014, 12th Downhill (Alex Anderson)
2014, 11th Dual Slalom (Alex Anderson)
2013, 14th Team Overall
2012, 12th Team Overall
2012, 13th Downhill (Coty VanLannen)
2012, 14th Dual Slalom (Coty VanLannen)
2011, 15th Team Overall
2011, 6th Downhill (Paul Mayes)
2010, 13th Short Track (Christopher Anten)
2006, 10th Dual Slalom (Gavin Gibson)
2006, 11th Short Track (Ryan Labar)
2005, 5th Team Overall
2005, 2nd Individual Omnium (Lianna Miller)
2005, 5th Short Track (Lianna Miller)
2005, 5th Downhill (Lianna Miller)
2005, 6th Dual Slalom (Will MacDonald)
2005, 7th Cross Country (Lianna Miller)
2005, 9th Cross Country (Joseph Slonecki)
2005, 13th Short Track (Ryan Labar)
2005, 15th Cross Country (Ryan Labar)
2005, 15th Short Track (Mark Klein)
2004, 5th Dual Slalom (Will MacDonald)

Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference

Michigan Tech is a Club Team school in the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (MWCCC). For race schedules and conference information visit the MWCC website.

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