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The Copper Country Cycling Club/Michigan Tech Cycling is in desperate need of financial support.

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The future of our club:

The Copper Country Cycling Club/Michigan Tech Cycling is at an important point in our development. Membership has been on the rise, as well as participation in both competitive racing and fun club trips to places like Marquette and even Moab!

With this exciting growth comes new opportunities to expand our involvement in the community and within the organization. To help us make the most of our potential, please consider donating financially or voluntarily as you are able. We are truly appreciative of everybody who’s supported us.

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Tax-deductible Contributions

Any contributions to the Copper Country Cycling Club would be greatly appreciated and would have a great impact on our club. All donations are tax deductible and can be sent to:

Copper Country Cycling Club
MUB 106
1400 Townsend Dr.
Houghton, MI 49931-1295

Please make checks payable to “Michigan Tech – Tech Fund” and be sure to include “Copper Country Cycling Club” on the memo line in order to ensure we receive your donation. If your employer participates in donation matches, please let us know to look for that as well!

If you would like your contribution to be applied towards a specific area, let us know!  We’ll try our best to apply your donation where you’d like it to go.

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How Donations are Used:

Club Trips

Every semester we plan several fun trips, whether spending a weekend at Ray’s Mountain Bike Park or heading out West for spring break. We would like to be able to provide these opportunities to more of our members by adding new trips and covering all expenses for members.

Tools and Equipment

Our room at the Nordic Waxing Center contains a variety of tools for students to maintain and repair their bikes. We are hoping to replace worn out tools, as well as acquire a wheel truing stand and a pump. Other miscellaneous equipment we provide includes cyclocross barriers and tools for trail building and maintenance.


Be it jerseys or t-shirts, we like to sport C4 around campus and out on the trail!

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Contribution Benefits

We would be honored to recognize those who help support us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Contact Us

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